Coach Dulce

Meet Dulce Fonseca, one of First Serve Santa Ana tennis coaches. She’s been working for FSSA for over 5 years now. She began playing tennis as a Freshman at Valley High School. She is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton with a major in Mathematics. 

Starting Tennis

When Dulce first started high school, she wanted to play soccer but to do so, she needed to enter a sport before soccer season. Girls’ soccer is in the winter season so she needed to join a fall season sport. Surprisingly, tennis is in the fall season. After trying out and playing tennis, she found the game to be really challenging, but a lot of fun. Making a tough decision, she gave up soccer and joined the tennis team. Dulce kept trying hard in tennis and during her Senior year of high school, she became the #1 singles player.  Her most favorite shot in tennis would probably be her forehand. It is her most consistent and powerful shot in her tennis game. Every time she hits a winning point, she feels one step closer to the pros.

Role Model

While playing tennis, Dulce had a few tennis role models. The one she looks up to the most is Roger Federer. Federer is considered one of the best tennis players in the world and has a lot of amazing achievements. Dulce loves his game style, but the one thing she loves the most is his one-handed backhand. Every time she sees it, she is inspired to go out and play tennis.

Future Plans

After graduation, Dulce visited Valley High School to meet up with her old tennis friends to play tennis. On that same day, she met up with her Junior Varsity Coach, Lewis Bratcher. Dr. Bratcher asked Dulce if she wanted to be a certified tennis coach and join First Serve Santa Ana. She immediately jumped at the opportunity. Along side with Dulce’s coaching duties, she also earned her M.A. in Mathematics at Cal State Fullerton. She did her student teaching at Valley High School. With all that, Dulce is still planning to further improve herself by teaching higher level mathematics and coaching the Varsity tennis team. Eventually, she will be part of FSSA’s board too.