USTA Awards First Serve Santa Ana

First Serve Santa Ana went to UCLA on February 6th to receive an award. All the FSSA staff went to this event to enjoy a great night with a bunch of people who loves the game of tennis. The people who are hosting this event is USTA. USTA stands for United State Tennis Association. 

Being Apart of a Big Community

The event was a blast. They served everyone some great food and were super nice. All the people came from all over California and they all share a passion for tennis. Everyone there had their lives changed somehow by tennis and is giving back to the community now. Some people say, “Tennis is a sport of a life time.” This means people of all ages can enjoy the game no matter what age they are. Ironically, most of the people there were old. Although they are old, they have a goal to make tennis better for future generations.

Growing Strong

There were 16 awards given at this event and First Serve Santa Ana was 1 of them. Everyone who got an award had to give a speech about themselves and what had they done for tennis.  When the award finally came to us, we got the “Best Member Organization of the Year Award.” This Award is giving to First Serve Santa Ana in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana and Santa Ana Unified School District.

Dr. Lewis Bratcher went up to the podium and gave out a speech. First he introduced the staff of First Serve Santa Ana and the supporter. Then he went on to talk about what we did as an organization. FSSA is a non-profit organization that gives kids and adults free tennis lessons across the Santa Ana area. Then he talked about our future plans and how we are still growing. One of the plans that FSSA will hold is the “2nd Annual Wheelchair Tennis Event” that will be held on September 7th. In short, this night was a great success for FSSA.