Most Popular Roulette Variants

Popular Roulette Variants

The online gaming industry is not static, as it continues to innovate. Since its inception, popular gaming sites, including PlayAmo Casino Login, have rolled out different variants of the wheel-based game. Although they have a touch of uniqueness, it boils down to personal preference.

The most popular roulette variants are games that pose no challenges in finding them. Many online casinos offer them varying degrees, ensuring punters get the best. However, their gameplay has a few tweaks.

With developers going crazy on developing more fancy variants, we will introduce you to a few of them. Of course, we will start with the classics, then add more.

Five Most Popular Roulette Variants

The following are the most sought-after versions of this wheel game:

American Roulette

American Roulette

Many punters and online casinos regard American roulette as the gold standard of the reel game. It is probably the most famous, and you would hardly find a casino offering roulette without including this variant.

The American roulette game plays out on a 38-pocket wheel consisting of one green 0, one green 00, and 36 black and red numbers. While the 0 and 00 are on opposite ends, the rest of the numbers go in a sequentially opposite pattern. Unlike other popular roulette variants, the added 00 pocket brings an unfavorable odd.

European Roulette

This variant strikes out the extra 00-pocket, resulting in 37 pockets. Removing that additional pocket makes it a well-rounded roulette version for punters worldwide. Also, you have 1 out of 37 winning chances instead of 1 out of 38.

The rest of the arrangement is the same, with numbers 1 to 36 following an alternating pattern on opposite ends. Also, the 0 stays in the green pocket, adding only one unfavorable chance to the gameplay.

French Roulette

There is primarily no difference between the French variant and the European roulette. You will still get 37 pockets, with 36 numbers and one 0. However, the table has a different layout, with all the betting options in French.

The La Partage rule is one unique feature that sets this one apart from other popular roulette variants. With it, you can profit more through an even-money bet. Doing that gets you half of your money if the ball stops at the 0 pocket instead of losing it all.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

As the name implies, this roulette variant has multiple wheels. The gameplay is still similar to other popular roulette variants on this list, except for the ability to place up to eight wagers. The wheels spin independently of each other.

While you get more winning chances, it takes a heavy toll on the bankroll. Playtech and Microgaming are some of the leading developers of this variant.

Rapid Roulette

Rapid Roulette

This roulette variant is neither physical nor completely digital. The wheel is physical, but players can place their bets digitally while watching the live video of the wheel spin.

This system uses an electronic ball dropper, and a human or an automated system could initiate the wheel spin. Aside from these tweaks, the rest of the gameplay remains the same.


The most popular roulette variants are highly entertaining casino games, especially regarding intrigue. Nevertheless, they are unique in a few ways, ranging from the wheel design to the game rules. Pick any that suit your fancy and enjoy the suspense.

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