History of Blackjack

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The Origins of the Game

The beginnings of card games date back to approximately 900 B.C. in China. Likewise, this country was one of the pioneers when it came to gambling. This is due to the fact that they used money as if they were cards to start the game.

The latter, also known as twenty-one, originated in the 17th century in the first casinos in France. In these gambling houses, the ‘Vingt et Un’ (21 in French) was played. The games were similar to those of today’s Blackjack, except for some differences such as the doubling of bets by the dealer or croupier, the bets had to be made after receiving a card or in case the dealer got 21, the players had to triple their initial sleeve.

The best bookmakers offer games such as Blackjack 21 for free to boost the winning odds. Likewise, different blackjack experts recommend some strategies to avoid making typical mistakes, such as exceeding the number 21. Among them, they recommend standing when your cards add up to 17, doubling aces and eights because when they are split there is a high chance of getting a card with a value of ten and knowing how to differentiate the moment to continue or surrender.

The 19th century


The popularity of 21 was growing and by the 19th century, French immigrants arrived in the United States, specifically in the states of Louisiana and New Orleans, known as the gambling capital. The origin of the name is because when a player had the Ace and Jack of spades he automatically became the winner and these cards in English are pronounced as Black Jack. Twenty-one was one of the favorite games in American casinos, but it had no rules. Faced with this, the U.S. government decided to prohibit gambling in 1890.

Legalization of Blackjack

The prohibition of casinos only generated more chaos and problems in American society. Gambling was carried out in clandestine and illegal rooms. For the police and authorities, it became more and more dangerous to stop this movement. That is why, in 1931, the Nevada Department decided to legalize it again, where the main focus of this practice in the United States, and worldwide, would be Las Vegas. With the evolution, many different types of entertainment appeared, such as poker and Blackjack.

Present Time

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Nowadays, Blackjack is no longer exclusive to physical casinos. For this reason, blackjack is one of the most requested games in online gambling houses. Many sites, in order to demonstrate reliability and customer loyalty, offer free Blackjack 21 sleeves or bonuses for registration to combine plays and boost winnings.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the origin of Blackjack, or twenty-one goes back to the XVII century in the casinos and betting houses of France, where it was known as ‘Vingt et Un’. The boom of the game crossed borders and reached New Orleans, in the United States. Here the name Blackjack was coined because of the pronunciation of the Ace and Jack cards. Thanks to the advance in technology and the Internet, we can now play this game from any mobile device or computer, in order to generate extra income from home.

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