What are the most popular themes for slot machines?

Slots are the noisiest, biggest, and most colorful area of land-based casinos, as well as being financially one of the most important. Online casinos know this, which is why they hire suppliers that take creativity into consideration when designing their slot games.

Part of the process is to come up with a specific theme for the machine in question, and usually, they take tropes from real-life entertainment and adapt the mechanics, sounds, images, and colors around them. With this, we can see that there are specific patterns that tend to be repeated, main themes, and mechanics that tend to accompany them most commonly.

Most popular themes for Slots

Before starting we must clarify that this article does not go from the most popular to the least popular, but it is limited to showing a list of the most popular themes in slots, and that can be seen at a glance when you visit an online casino like Casino Ultra Peru, where you can access all the different slots that we will mention in this article through any device with internet access.


One of the most important tropes in slots are animals, titles such as Bufalo Blitz, Gorilla, Mustang Gold, and Great Rhino Deluxe use this theme, as well as many others that use animals as their main theme. In general, these types of themes try to increase the majesty of the animal species on which they are based, in order to offer more epicness to the gaming experience.


Hollywood has a huge cultural impact, so much so that it also reaches the main themes of online slots. Thanks to this, we can find slots of superheroes, the old west, pirates, and much more, besides series and anime that have transcended culture.


Magic, knights, priests, dragons, unicorns and much more, these elements are classics of fantasy and are present in many slots, due to how attractive, refined, wild, and inspiring they can be. Magic Mirror is one of those fantasy slots that stay with you, besides Merlin’s Magic Mirror. Within this genre, we could also include those based on mythologies, such as Greek or Egyptian, since they also usually contain the elements mentioned above.


Fruits are colorful, healthy, sweet, and delicious, besides being an excellent theme for slot machines. There are thousands of options, such as Fruit Party, Juicy Fruit, Frutz, and many more, all with the colorful and appetizing sounds that fruits emit when hit, crushed, or cut.

Video games

Another topic that has been gaining popularity is video games, thanks to the growth in sales of consoles and the PlayStation and Xbox services that make gaming cheaper. Slot games usually include those in which treasures are involved. Currently, two of the best known are Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider, although it is worth mentioning that there are several slots centered on Lara Croft’s character.

The options are almost infinite

One of the main parameters that people usually use to choose a new casino is the variety of games it offers, and a great part of this variety that casinos usually boast is found in the slots area. This, in addition, to being the area that receives the greatest number of users, could explain the great effort that the providers put into the development and maintenance of the online slots.

There are many more themes that we have not talked about, but the 5 above are usually the most common nowadays, of course, everything tends to vary depending on the fashions and preferences of casino users.

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